Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Town Council Approves Renovation Plan

The Town of Highland Park is pleased to announce the approval of schematic and elevation design for the Department of Public Safety and Town Hall Renovation plan. The current projected construction start time is January 2012.

The plan will provide much needed updates for town staff and services such as: 
  • Enhancing public accessibility and ensuring ADA compliance to office areas
  • Updating DPS communications equipment
  • Providing improvements to the jail area
  • Improving records storage capability and adequacy of offices 
  • Increasing utilization of land with a full basement while providing flood protection from the adjacent creek and
  • Reducing costs by improving the energy and lighting efficiency of the building
Town of Highand Park Town Hall

The new Town Hall will reflect the current Spanish-Colonial design and maintain its elegance and branding. The renovation enhances the plaza while keeping with the overall building design. The project calls for an increase in elevation to the building while not increasing its footprint. The overall cost for the renovation is $13.8 million.

“This renovation was long overdue and the updates will allow us to work more efficiently and be more accessible to our residents,” said Mayor Bill Seay. “We are proud to say the Town has been saving for several years to implement the project and that it isn’t a result of a tax increase or bond issue.”

The Town is working to minimize neighborhood inconvenience to residents during the construction phase. Fire and police personnel will continue to operate from the DPS building. DPS will contract with the Town of Addison for temporary jail facilities. Town offices will be moved off-site to a temporary location to be determined. The library will continue to operate with no anticipated adjustment to operating hours.

Residents will be kept updated on the process through letters and can visit this blog or the Town’s website for updates and historical information.